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Get Cash 4 Junk Cars TodayCash 4 Junk Cars is an affiliate of Junkmycar (a vehicle purchasing and recycling service in the United States and Canada). will pay you instant cash to take your inoperable vehicle out of your yards, driveways, garages, storage units and streets. This is the easy way to get rid of that problem automobile with just few minutes of your time and collect some money. Not only is this an easy process operated by courteous, friendly people, recycled vehicles protect the planet from harmful pollution and provide materials for manufacturing and heating. This simple two-step procedure starts with filling out an inquiry at
  Cash 4 Junk Cars

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Started by an enterprising young college dropout when he discovered people needed help finding somewhere to dispose of their discarded, unwanted and unmarketable cars and trucks, Junk My Car was created. After Tim Yarosh dropped out of the college (computer science program) and started working in a junkyard, he discovered people were very frustrated by the hours they spent trying to locate a place willing to take their old, rusty, ugly automobiles. Deciding to solve this problem for them, in August of 2004 Junk My Car website opened offering free towing and money to these frantic people in Connecticut. The service became so popular it expanded throughout the continental United States and into Canada.

This user-friendly service requires only a few minutes of the vehicle owner’s time. To Get Cash For Junk Cars, distressed owners click on the website and fill out information about the car, truck, motorcycle, trailer, motor home or other item needing to be moved. A cash quote is given based on the salvage value of the unit. If the owner agrees to the amount offered, the only other contact he or she will have is communication from a tow truck driver arranging a pickup time. Usually within 48 hours from the time of the initial inquiry, the problem is removed although satisfied customers have reported a quicker timeframe, like an hour and 10 minutes. The company will do everything possible to resolve these problems in a timely manner. Because the tow truck drivers for Cash for Junk Cars are professionals, they can maneuver landlocked vehicles, disabled cars and trucks, oversized and heavy trailers and bulky motor homes from tight areas without the owner's help. People using the services of these experts are surprised to discover the salvage is picked up on schedule without excuses or delays.
Cash 4 Junk Cars

Thrilled customers of JunkMyCar include people under threat of prosecution for non-running, unlicensed and disabled automobiles and vehicles not allowed in the area like trailers or motor homes. Cities, provinces, municipalities and homeowners associations can prosecute and levy heavy fines and other punishment for violations of their ordinances and rules and regulations. As these fines are substantial, up to $500 a day or more, and ongoing until the offending item is gone, eliminating a serious problem without cost and getting money is a wonderful surprise for cash-strapped people.

Best of all junk car owners get appreciation. As yards, driveways, garages and streets look so much nicer without a broken down, ugly beast taking up space, children, spouses, friends and neighbors appreciate the fresh, clean look. With the money they receive, scrap car owners can have a party, take a vacation, buy a flat screen TV or put up a hammock in the newly cleared area.

As JunkMyCar hauls the vehicles to salvage yards, the units are recycled. Although these harassed people are not thinking about eco-friendly actions, they go green when they use this service. The salvage yards keep harmful chemicals from contaminating water supplies and injuring or killing animals and people. According to information on the Cash 4 Junk Cars website, just 1 gallon of motor oil leaked into the aquifer can contaminate up to 1,000,000 gallons of water. Antifreeze kills fish. Other fluids used in these mechanical vessels contain heavy metals which affect the nervous systems of animals and humans.

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Using these former freedom machines to provide material for manufacturing and heating reduces waste, landfills sizes and pollution while stretching the world's natural resources. For example, just six vessels provide enough steel to frame one new home. Statistically every year salvage vehicles provide enough metal to manufacture 13 million new automobiles; this is recycling at its best. The rubber in tires does not disintegrate and the shape collects standing water providing a breeding place for mosquitoes and other health risks. By mixing this rubber with an additive to break it down and cutting tires into smaller pieces, the rubber disintegrates. Some tires are given new life under modern innovations including road resurfacing and playground pads. Oil and diesel can be turned into heating fuels.

People who Get Cash 4 Junk Cars do more than resolved their problems in eco-friendly ways. They help this unique company grow and continue to beautify North America one car at a time by recycling these unattractive, nonfunctioning means of former transportation. The Junk My Car business philosophy is to deliver an awesome experience to every vehicle owner. By embracing innovations and improvements, they continually strive to do a better job. Operating their business under the slogan “run as a tribe”, they empower each individual to do the best he or she can while working together as a unit. Dedicated to being a positive impact on the world, Junk My Car promotes recycling every way possible. Their final philosophy is profit without compromise; they do what they say, when they promise, at a fair price.

Whenever someone has a vehicle, motor home, trailer, motorcycle or some other large and bulky item to dispose of, JunkMyCar can help. This innovative company pays cash to owners for their non-operating, unsellable eyesores and tows them away free of charge. Not only do smart people eliminate their troubles and possibly legal problems and expensive fines by calling JunkMyCar, these owners do something nice for themselves, their surroundings, their neighbors and the world. By sending these ticking time bombs to salvage yards, serious pollution problems are avoided and reclaimed materials produce desirable new products and heat. Everyone wins when vehicle owners ask for help at

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